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Information on XGD3

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Information on XGD3

Post  Guest on Sat Sep 24, 2011 7:05 pm

So as many of you know, the new disk format for Xbox 360 disks has now seen it's way into our hands in the form of recently released games, but what does it actually do?

This thread will be for information regarding XGD3 & games that release on the new format.

So with that said..

What XGD3 stands for:

XGD3 = Xbox Game Disk 3

Why a new format?

Brief info on old format:

Well, the current format (since XGD3 is still extremely new) has a partition in it, which takes up a reasonable amount of space on the disk, which is said to be rounded around about 1GB. This partition is used for Disk Security, one such example of things in the partition would be Anti Piracy (AP) checks.

New Format:

The new format has either removed this partition completely (while retaining the Security checks) or by doing work on them to save significant space on the disk. The obvious advantage is the 1GB of bonus space available on the disk, thus allowing the developers to pack more content onto the disk before being shipped. The new disks have an extra "layer" on the disk, and read at a faster capacity.

To note:

The XGD3 format is still be on Dual-Layer Digital Video Disk (DVD).
The Disk size is a whopping 8.5GBs!

Why was the new Format introduced?

Well, from Microsoft's "official" standpoint, it was released to give developers more room for developing their games and not be drawn back by the disk size when shipping their product.

This is obviously a huge reason as to why they did it, no doubt about that, however, another huge factor in this new format is obviously to counter-act Piracy, as have been the hidden purpose in many Dashboard updates released over the last few months, although Microsoft has never admitted this.

You can easily write the new format down to these 2 main reasons, especially since it made these new disks burnable & rippable, at first.

So will this be the end for Piracy on the 360? More than likely not, 9/10 for effort though.

Games w/ XGD3 Support:

Just so you all know, it is 100% down to the developers of a game whether or not they want it to be on XGD3 or on the previous format. It is also impossible to guess whether a certain game will release on XGD3 or not, unless stated specifically by the developer / publisher of the game.

Recent games have released on non-XGD3 since it's release, and are continuing to do so, despite the extra space and better security for their games, which leads you to believe that this new format is not without it's drawbacks, possibly fiscal more so than practical, however that is just my thought on it.

Console Support:

All Xbox 360 consoles, past, present and future will support the XGD3 format.

There is one small requirement though, you need to have the 13416 dashboard in able to play the games. This can be easily fixed via a patched Xex in the cases of JTAGs though.

XGD3 games can be run on Offical Firmware (OFW) or Custom Firmware (CFW).

Flashed Consoles & Backups:

Currently, it is not yet possible to burn the new disk format to disks for use. It is being looked into and I'm sure eventually, it will be cracked.

You can only play the new games via Retail Console, JTAG or ODE at the moment. The games have been successfully ripped to .iso format though, which means it's only the matter of new Firmware to be able to successfully play the games on a flashed Xbox 360.

C4eva has confirmed that LT+ 2.0 is planned to have XGD3 support, it is currently in progress and should be released sometime soon, but there is no exact or approximate time-frame as of yet.

What is ODE:

ODE stands for Optical Disk Emulator. It is emulation of the optical disk drive in the Xbox 360. x360key uses ODE to play backups on Xbox 360 consoles. I think you can get what ODE is from there on.

Games Supporting XGD3:

I'll be updating this list frequently as new XGD3 games are released.

Driver San Francisco.
Dead Island.
Warhammer 40000 Space Marine.
Rise of Nightmares.
Gears of War 3.

I'll be keeping this list as up-to-date as possible. If you hear about a game that is on XGD3, please send me a PM about it.

NOTE: I'll only add games to this list if they are proven to be on XGD3 via a trust worthy source. If you're going to PM me to add a game, please supply good proof to support your statement.

As new information is released about XGD3 - firmware, ripping, burning etc I'll be adding updates to the post.

Hope this clears up some of the confusing surrounding the new format.



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